Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bill my insurance for the Harmony?

Since the Harmony Appliance is to be worn with a PAP device, there is not currently an insurance code for it.  We are working on it!


Will the pressures on my PAP need to be lowered with the Harmony?

Since the Harmony is keeping the jaw from falling back, your PAP machine does not have to work as hard to open your airway.  If your PAP does not auto adjust the pressures (APAP), it is recommended you follow up with your sleep doctor to have your PAP machine adjusted.


Will my AHI (events) decrease with the Harmony?

Every time your airway closes off, your PAP machine registers it as an AHI, or apnea event.  The Harmony will prevent the lower jaw from falling back and closing the airway.  It will also help prevent mask leaks.  It can also help keep the mouth closed and prevent air escaping from the mouth.  All of these factors can contribute to elevated AHIs.  Preventing them, in theory, should lower AHIs.  Incorrect pressure settings, congestion and other factors can also affect AHIs.  For this reason, we cannot guarantee the Harmony will reduce your AHIs.  The Harmony will eliminate some of the major problems contributing to elevated AHIs with PAP machines.  It is important to familiarize yourself with your PAP machine and the number of events you are having before and after you are wearing the Harmony.  Most people see an improvement in the number of AHI events.


My new Harmony device feels a little tight and my teeth are a little sore-is that normal?

Yes-the trays will stretch over time and become more comfortable.


My upper tray feels loose-is that normal?

Yes-the upper tray is designed to be looser.  When you are sleeping and your jaw starts to fall back, it will engage the upper tray and keep your mouth closed. 


Can the Harmony replace my chin strap?

Absolutely.  This is a modern, long awaited improvement for the antiquated chin strap.  The chin strap is cumbersome, uncomfortable and tends to close off the airway by pushing the bottom jaw back.  The Harmony will comfortably keep the mouth closed without any external bracing.  It will also prevent the jaw from falling back, improving mask seal and maximizing airway  position.


Why would I want this if I have a CPAP?  Will I still need my CPAP?

The Harmony is designed to be worn with a PAP machine.  While the traditional oral appliance therapy devices will often keep the mouth closed and stabilize the lower jaw, they are designed to move the jaw forward.  This feature results in a much higher cost for production.  The Harmony is able to achieve the same goals of keeping the mouth closed and jaw stable for $399 versus $3000.  Because it is not adjustable, you MUST wear it with a PAP machine. The beauty of the Harmony is that it is not putting excessive torque on the teeth and jaw, which many patients find more comfortable, even with the PAP, than oral appliance therapy alone.