I tried sleeping without it and I couldn’t do it!


I only got up twice, instead of my usual 5 times per night.


My mouth is moist and no longer dry.


My mouth is closed, moist and I am sleeping better.


The Harmony helped me learn to breathe through my nose.


My AHI numbers have gone down from 3.6 to .6 and I am dreaming much more vividly.  I feel so much much more refreshed and my mask fits better.

My mask doesn’t leak any more, my mouth stays closed and my AHIs have gone down.

I didn’t wake up during the night, had better quality of sleep, woke feeling more rested, my partner said less mask leaks/less noisy and less tossing and turning/ overall more peaceful sleep.


I Got up only once, previous to PAP quality of sleep was 5/10, now with Harmony 10/10.  I fall asleep so much easier and sleep better.  Feel more rested.


My sleep quality improved, did not urinate as frequently (did not get up), better rested, better quality of sleep with Harmony.


My AHI went from 9 with CPAP to .6 with HARMONY and CPAP!